About the Socialite Girls’ Club Collection

Story inspired by socialites

Socialite Girls’ Club is a limited NFT collection of 11111 stylish female characters, digitally hand-drawn in celebration of the inspiring world of socialite women.

From selfies to self-care.
By showing art that represent selfies we want to shift the focus. From outwards to inwards. From the outside image that we proudly show to the world, to our hidden, real self, that often needs support to stay strong.

Taking a perfect selfie requires a lot of effort: fabulous hairstyle, impeccable makeup, unique clothes, the right profile and amazing background. We go an extra mile to impress with our looks.
While using a neat selfie to temporarily boost your self-esteem is not a bad choice, there’s so much more we can do to feel stronger, better, or more attractive.

Socialite Girls’ Club uses selfies to promote self-care, self-confidence and self-development.
These three ingredients are indispensable to build a healthy self. The one that radiates light inwards and outwards.

By becoming an owner of a Socialite Girls’ Club NFT you will also gain member only perks such as access to high-end masterclasses, online magazine subscriptions, and giveaways.

Artwork inspired by socialites

Socialite Girls’ Club aims to demystify the image of socialites, by bringing their positive features to the foreground. What are these features? Self-care, self-confidence, philanthropy, sophistication, education. Why are they so important? Many women struggle to make their voice heard. Whether we run our businesses, work in a male-dominated environment, struggle with family chores, or have to deal with inequality in everyday life. But we can find our strong, fearless, and powerful voice once we boost our self-confidence. Once we act as we own the whole world. Just like the socialites do. How can we help to achieve it? The collection displays diverse female characters that are SASSY (= Stylish, Altruistic, Strong, Self-confident, Youthful). When you look at the Socialite Girls’ art, we want you to remember that you too can impersonate a socialite. You can be fearless and independent. You have a whole community that will support you on this path. And that’s the key mission of the Socialite Girls’ Club: to help women find their strong, fearless, and powerful voice. To be heard. To be seen. To be taken seriously.

Traits Artwork

Hand Gestures      6

Skin Colors            7

Eye Colors             8

Hairstyles             51

Necklaces              8

Earrings                31

Glasses                 19

Clothes                 70

Lips                        7

Pets                        7

Socialite Girls’ Club Roadmap 1.0

What are our next steps?

While self-development and self-care remain our key focus, we also want to make the Socialite Girls‘ Club as exciting as possible for all involved members. That’s why rewarding our collectors will always be a priority.

Vision Definition Core Mission & Utility Decision
Pre-Phase: Utility Preparation

Analyzing Socialite's professional features and sophistication. Aligning the findings through useful utilities that can aid to reach the intellectual and emotional wellness level.

Character Development Features & Traits
Pre-Phase: Artwork Creation

Working along with Greylilac Studio's Olga on Character Development.
Traits and Fashion inspired clothing and accessories.

Project Launch Early Supporters
Phase 1: Pre-Launching the Collection
  • Launch a Twitter account & website.
  • Open Private Discord once 2000+ followers are reached.
  • Reward the growing community with private Discord invites, NFT giveaways and special roles within the community for Private Access List and upcoming raffles.
Community Building Connections & Collabs
Phase 2: Collaboration & Community Input
  • Welcoming feedback & collaborations from community members.
  • Women-led project collaborations.
  • Private Access List invites.
Pre-Mint Private Early Access List
Phase 3: Private Mint for Early Access List
  • The private mint will open to early supporters for a total of 3333 Socialite Girls Club NFTs. [# NFTs per wallet to be voted by the Community].
  • 111 Exclusive Pass will be randomly raffled to NFT holders which gives an annual membership to a high end online classes on topics such as Wellness, Business, Style and much more. [The name of the online education partner will be announced by then].
Public Mint Open to All members
Phase 4: Public Mint
  • Date to be determined by the Community.
  • Post public mint reveal will be aligned with an annual membership to digital newsstand with thousands of magazines to all NFT holders through the Socialite Girls' Club website.
  • Discord to be switched to public.
Post Public Mint Public Services
Phase 5: Public Service
  • Fund a community and charity wallet with the use of DAO voting system to decide upon which charities will be considered.
  • First IRL event which will be organized in a European city. [City to be decided by the community].
  • Raffles for NFT holders will include:
    ➤ 111 Blockchain Council scholarships
    ➤11 ETH will be airdropped to an automatically and randomly selected NFT holder's wallet.
    ➤111 Socialite Girls' Club prints (to be processed in Q4 2022)
    ➤ 11 digital NFT frames with animated Socialite Girls' Club art (Q1 2023)
    ➤ 1111 pieces of a side art collection Socialite Girls' Club: Special Editions to be airdropped at random.
  • Annual membership to digital newsstand with thousands of magazines to all NFT holders through the Socialite Girls' Club website.

About us

Meet the Team

Socialite Girls’ Club was founded by a wife/husband team passionate about diversity and inclusion.

Together, they have a background in: business & project management, IT, localization, blockchain, solidity, graphic design, music production, and pencil drawing.

The team was joined by Olga from Greylilac Studio who became the liaison artist, and by Mina who is the Community manager.


Founder | Project Manager | Copywriter


Artist Liaison | Illustration


Community Manager


Co-Founder | Tech & Creative Lead

Full-Stack Developer [ Hiring ]

Legal Councel [ Hiring ]

Is anything unclear?

Have a look at the FAQ below!


NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are one-of-a-kind tokens that represent a unique good or asset, such as digital art. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency.

First, purchase Ethereum via your crypto exchange account. Next, send your crypto to your MetaMask wallet. Connect you MetaMask to OpenSea or another NFT marketplace. Once you’ve funded your marketplace account, choose an NFT you want to buy, and add it to a shopping cart or submit your bid, depending on the sale type.

Yes, there will be giveaways for the early active members of our community and randomly selected followers of our Twitter account @SocialiteGCNFT
You can find more details in the roadmap.

The cost per NFT is 0.05 eth + gas fees.

The Mint price however may vary depending on the community’s votes.

There are a total of 11,111 unique Socialite Girls in the first collection.

Holders of Socialite Girls Club NFTs will have a PFP piece of art, plus access to hundred of online International Magazines through our website from Art to Zodiac to aid holders with their self-care, self-confidence and self-development.
Holder-exclusive giveaways and IRL events and random raffles varying from airdrops of ETH amounts  and Yearly Subscriptions to high-end online education platform.
The project is focused on creating delightful art, charitable actions and building a strong community!

You can follow @SocialiteGCNFT on Twitter.
Discord will be Invite-Only once we reach 2000+ Twitter followers.

The dates are not defined yet. We will let our community pitch the date. Further announcements will be made via Invite-Only Discord and Twitter respectively. 

The NFTs’ reveal will be 24 hours after the end of the Public sale.

Yes, 1111 tokens will be kept for giveaways and the team.

Get on the Early Accesslist

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